What is Testosterone Pellet Therapy?

Testosterone pellet therapy is a hormone treatment specifically designed for women. It involves the use of small implants, or ‘pellets’, which are placed under the skin to steadily release doses of testosterone. This method provides a sustainable and stable hormone release over several months, ensuring consistent levels in the body.

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What is the Purpose of This Treatment?

Testosterone pellet therapy is used to address hormonal imbalances in women, particularly those related to testosterone deficiency. This can include symptoms like decreased muscle mass, low energy, mood swings, anxiety, poor memory, and difficulty concentrating.

Who are the Candidates for This Treatment?

Ideal candidates are women experiencing symptoms of testosterone deficiency, which may be due to menopause, surgical removal of ovaries, or other health conditions affecting hormone levels. A thorough evaluation by Dr. Espinal is necessary to determine if this treatment is suitable.

What Can You Expect After the Treatment?

Patients can expect improvements in muscle mass, energy levels, mood, and cognitive functions. The treatment aims to enhance overall well-being and quality of life. Initial effects are typically noticed within a few weeks, with full benefits realized over several months.

How Long Does the Treatment Last?

The effects of the testosterone pellets typically last between four to six months. After this period, a follow-up appointment is recommended to assess the need for a new pellet insertion.

Benefits and Contraindications

Benefits include increased muscle mass and strength, improved mood and energy, enhanced memory and concentration, and overall well-being. Potential contraindications may include certain cancers, heart disease, or liver conditions, and should be discussed with Dr.

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